Early on at the “start” of the pandemic we immediately mobilized our workforce to keep our employees and clients safe. We were able to start working without any interruptions in our service with how we have structured our remote and collaboration solutions.

Whenever we do require a site visit we follow all guidelines provided by health authorities, always exceeding. All of our equipment is sanitized, we constantly sanitize and we stagger our client visits accordingly to ensure none of our staff feel symptoms. We also provide our staff time off to get tested to ensure everyone is safe and informed. 

Yes. We implement the same solutions we use for ourselves.

As we leverage the latest tech, there is a rare time a technician has to come to site. We have clients all over western Canada that we support without having any presence in the area. Through our documentation we’re able to mobilize and support a work force without being on site.

With ransomware, compliance, disaster plans backups are crucial at every level of business. Knowing all of your data, e-mails, important servers can be restored in minutes gives piece of mind, whatever you run into.

As consultants we’ve worked with most any industry one can name. We have brought construction, 3D engineering, law firms, real estate firms, manufacturing to industry standard / surpassed solutions. We tailor each solution to fit your needs to ensure you’re on the most relevant, cost effective technology.

We pride ourselves into completely transparency and discussions around any costs. We strive to be your IT department and partner, not just a service provider. With update meetings and weekly reporting into your environment, tickets, project updates you will always know where your capital expenditures are going.

Because we believe in complete transparency, we do not require long-termed contracts for any of our service offerings. If for any reason you ever want to discontinue your services with us, we only require a month’s notice. This allows us to ensure your new partner receives all the documentation with a seamless handoff.

We strongly beleive that in working with us you won’t want to leave the services, but we want you to also have peace of mind you are not “locked” into a smoke and mirrors show.

One of our proudest differentiating features is that we have completely end-to-end technology experience and personnel.

We have the classic MSP offering of extremely capable technicians that is supplemented by a:

  1. Full stack development team experience in legacy, native and cloud platforms
  2. Full time business analyst with 10+ years in accounting, reporting, data correlation and full data experience providing unparelleled insight
  3. Asset management and warranty management
  4. Web development and integrations

Across our team there will always be a resource to pull from whatever your question or your need.

Yes. We use ITIL for our foundation for our standard operation procedures and delivery. We are HIPA compliant and can provide all documentation to clients to verify. We use all industry standard software, encryption and technology for our solutions. 

We then go the extra mile and tailor our approach specifically to your business using industry standards as our building blocks to give you a competitive edge.

Each case is different depending on your solution set, though we always follow our approach to your business. During our onboarding we fully document your entire environment, which is always provided to you so you never feel you are locked to your provider.


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